Street Light Monitoring and Control Application


Customer intends to develop a Street Light Monitoring & Control Application as an automated system designed to automatically control switching off, ON, dimming street lights. With motion sensors, lights should observe motion and act accordingly. Smart lighting provides remote lighting control that can better adjust the amount of time the lights are turned on to minimize energy costs without sacrificing public safety.


Administrator at different levels will be able to purview the streetlights under their control project wise.Option to manage the Street Lights with a single click,

  • Configure
  • ON/Off/Dimmer
  • View Time Series data
  • Widgets, Trends etc.


  • Remotely controlling ON/Off/dimming of lights.
  • Plotting of lights on Map and controlling from there.
  • Configuring dimming schedule based on seasons.
  • Fault and Alert detection.
  • Alert notification to concerned team.

  • Scheduled and on-demand reports
  • KPIs for data analysis
  • Executive, customer, project and supervisor dashboards
  • Configuration application to onboard customers, projects, resources (devices, users)
Street Light Monitoring and Control Application – User Interfaces
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