Safety Watch Application


The customer wants to develop a safety watch for steel plant workers that will monitor the attendance, geo-location coordinates, health data, environment data and raise alerts in case of health and environment abnormalities of employee trespassing or closeness to the hazardous area.


NONC (Normally Open, Normally Close) device (LoRa enabled) will be attached to each VFD. NONC will sense trips and send data to the cloud application using LoRa technology.


Safety Watch Functionality

  • Health Sensors
  • Environment Sensors


  • Employee Tracking
  • Trespassing

Reporting, Trends & Analytics

  • Alerts / Notifications / Acknowledgement
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Beacon Health Status
  • Watch Health Status
  • Seizure & Motion Failure Monitoring
  • Health statistics

Predictive Analytics

  • Prediction for Work Fitment
  • Frequent Hazardous Area Access
  • Predictions for Infrastructure Setup
  • Prediction for Employee Health & Environment
Safety Watch Application – User Interfaces

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