In a world where everyone is chasing big projects, large projects with a big budget and a big staff strength. But sometimes in our search for large projects we tend to ignore our small contribution to it and almost zero validation to our growth. For example, if there was a ‘Taj Mahal’ to be built and we placed two bricks in it, we would have been a part of the process, but what value does that add in our growth graph, close to none except for being able to display it as a trophy.

On the other hand, if we are actively working on innovative and challenging projects which may possibly be small, but the trajectory of our career graph would always move forward.  Every project that we work on in the Frontlines, actively working in finding ways to make things work, to solve problems and to critically analyze each task and situation that the project requires us to tackle will help us grow both intellectually and professionally. It will aid us in having a unique and practical skillset as well as create a portfolio with professional knowledge and a persona which would be an asset in every future endeavor of our life.

When we are a part of a large project with a great deal of clout and resources it is not necessary that it is an aid to our growth graph. Generally, it becomes a routine, easy and boring ‘activity’ which ends up in putting our career growth in a ‘lazy comfort zone’ and by the time we realize it, we find ourselves ‘obsolete’ in the ever-dynamic world unable to handle ‘tasks’. 

On the other hand, when we pick up innovative and challenging projects, we are challenged every day by equally competent people around us which drives us to ‘win the challenge’ every day and keeps us ‘professionally hungry’ and ‘relevant’.  

We, at DawnBIT believe ‘the greater the challenge, the higher the potential for growth’ as we are here to solve the complex business problems and make our clients’ operations simpler.