Data Analytics

Data Analytics

DawnBIT enables its clients to get best data analytics by providing them Core Resource Group, Business Aligned Approach, Agile Analytics and Integrating Big Data.

To lead with confidence and outpace competitors, companies need to make accurate decisions faster than ever. By integrating data from across the enterprise and delivering self-service reporting and analysis companies can make well-informed decisions that improve confirming organizational goals.


  • Statistical Modeling.
  • MIS Reporting.
  • Data Modeling.
  • Data Optimization.
  • Advisory Services.

Data Analytics Services Offerings 

Customer Analytics

  • Customer Segmentation Analysis.
  • Customer Loyalty Analysis.
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunity.
  • Customer Life Time Value.
  • Customer Churn Management.

Marketing Analytics

  • Product Preference Study.
  • Attribute Preference Mapping.
  • Market Share Simulations.
  • Target Market Identification.
  • Predict customer and Market Behavior.
  • Forecast Demand for Products and Services.

Call Centre Analytics

  • Campaign Performance Analysis.
  • Advisor performance Analysis.
  • Call Forecasting.
  • CSAT Analysis.
  • Service Delivery Tracking.
  • Resource Allocation, Attrition, Staffing Analysis.

Price Analytics

  • Price/Cross Elasticity Modeling.
  • Item Cannibalization Analysis.
  • Pricing Simulation.
  • What-If Scenario Modeling.

Use Cases


Patient Management

IoT (Temperature & Humidity Sensors) Analytics

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