Oil & Gas

Digital Redesign in Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas practice addresses emerging business challenges by aligning people with processes and driving operational excellence with technology solutions.

  • Practice helps harness emerging technology, increase automation, and optimize processes.
  • Identify new assets for exploration while increasing production at existing oil and gas fields.
  • Complies with cross-border regulations and safeguards business interests.
  • Maximize the utilization of existing oil and gas assets, and return on investment at greenfield projects.
  • Empowered to identify new business opportunities, streamline operations, and comply with regulations.
Features of Oil & Gas with Technology

Project Orchestration

  • Engineering
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management
  • Shutdown & Turnaround
  • Outages
  • Project Logistics

Hydrocarbon Production and Logistics

  • Production Revenue & Management
  • Supply & Distribution
  • Processing Visibility
  • Commercial Sales and Marketing
  • Secondary Distribution and Fuels Retailing
  • Field Logistics

Operational Integrity

  • Total Workforce Management
  • Asset Management
  • Environment and Health
  • Safety
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Materials Management
Education with Digital Technology
This application allows to connect departments and improve core processes so that institution can focus on: attracting, educating, retaining, and serving the student population.
Allows to operate and monitor different departments of an institution to providing a separate Student, institution, teachers and management dashboards.

Automated Workflow

Automated workflows between onshore and offshore processes enhance productivity while minimizing the cost of operations.Also, optimize capital spend, maximize return on assets,and improve profitability while running safe, sustainable operations from project management to hydrocarbon production and management.


We modernize oil and gas production and distribution processes by connecting workers, suppliers, and customers on a digital energy network to simplify processes; improve efficiencies; and reach new levels of safety, cost control, and agility to thrive within challenging markets.


We help to re-engineer processes to effect a business transformation at oil and gas enterprise.Our simulation tools enable to implement strategies for lean operations. Partner with team to accelerate time to market of new oil well programs and deploy modeling-based optimization platforms to increase production.

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