Digital Transformation in Healthcare

With technology and skill, DawnBIT offer organizations to transform their back office to the doctor’s office, through Digital transformation in the order they get more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare.

  • With Digital transformation, personalized care improve patient outcomes.
  • Provides cost-effective care, with a digital network for a new, consumer-centric healthcare ecosystem.
  • Leads to Real-Time information sharing between patients and medical care.
  • Improve personalized patient interaction, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment.
Features of Healthcare with Technology

Patient Care

Care Delivery

  • Coordination for Diagnostics and Treatment
  • Mobile Electronic Medical Record
  • Clinical Order and OR Management

Patient Administration and Billing

  • Patient Access
  • Healthcare Coding
  • Patient Billing

Care with Collaboration

Patient Engagement & Management

  • Health Engagement
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Patient Marketing and Services

Connected Health

  • Data Warehousing for Clinical Matters
  • Patient Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Ontology Data Modeling
  • Unstructured Text Analysis
  • Platform Security and Extensibility

Research and Analytics

Healthcare Analytics

  • Information Visualization
  • Healthcare Data Provisioning
  • Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Medical Research Insights

  • Patient Analytics
  • Cohort Building
  • Patient Summary
  • Genomic Views
Healthcare with Digital Technology
This application monitors the attendance, geo-location coordinates, health data, environment data and raises alerts in case of health and environment anomalies. It can be used by employees; supervisors, operators, crane drivers etc. Employees will be allowed access to different areas of the plant based on their role.
Work fitment will be calculated based on the Health parameters, Behavior pattern and the Environment conditions. Heart rate & skin temperature is used to analyze the health condition.

Reform and Mandates

We prefer the top of evolving to help clients systematically address competing priorities and meet complex with stringent timelines in a cost-effective manner.

Engagement With Consumer

Healthcare consumer expectations is now set by their experience with retail and other consumer industries.

Enterprise Insights-Driven

Decision-making and predictive analytics are essential for competitive advantage.It can help healthcare organizations deploy processes, systems, and governance across the enterprise.

Operations and Cost

We drives efficiencies and savings while optimizing investments to improve agility and flexibility to support new business requirements.

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