D-SCM helps clients in the flow of goods and services, involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Interconnected or interlinked networks, channels and node businesses combine in the provision of products and services required by end customers in a supply chain.

Key Features

  • Inventory Optimization.
  • Procurement.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Order Fulfillment and Returns.

  • Vendor Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • User Management – Authentication and Authorization.

D – SCM User Interface

Application Modules

  • Item Definition
  • Unique item identification number
  • Item Assembly Structure
  • Units of measure
  • Item Location/Storeroom Names
  • Define Storeroom & Location
  • Define Location Type
  • Manage Item Stock
  • Adjust Average Cost
  • Define Reorder Point
  • Item Lot Info
  • Asset Life Cycle Process flow, 
  • Asset Tracking
  • Manage Material Request
  • Keep track of Item Lot