• One of the Fasted growing Company
    on IOT/LoRa Technology

    Everything can be automated will be automated.
    Fastest Growing Company in IoT Technology.

  • Emerging Data Analytics Company

    Future is here. Smart Cities. Smart Watch.
    Leading Company in Next-Gen Technologies.

  • Artificial intelligence to Unite Customer Needs

    Data really powers everything that we do.
    Artificial Intelligence to unite customer needs.

  • Enterprise Asset Management

    Expertize with decades of successful
    EAM/Maximo implementations across the Globe.

About DawnBIT

DawnBIT is rapidly emerging business services company offering consulting, technology, products, outsourcing and next-generation services.

We help good organizations turn better with our smart solutions in Enterprise asset management. Enterprise reousrce planning and Mobility domains. We are helping enterprises transforming themselves while also creating new avenues to generate

Customer Retention
Responsibilities extend beyond business
Self Improvement
We work
We work

About DawnBIT , CANADA

DawnBIT Canada is operating as Ageis Technologies. Ageis Technologies is a software consulting and development firm specialising in “turnkey” and custom built solutions aimed, primarily, at automating workflow processes within any organisation.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, we have been providing services to financial institutions, credit card businesses, the insurance industry, and many others since 1997. We are managed by people who have earned their reputations over many years across several industries.

Our repeat clients explain our success by saying that — “We deliver!”

Customer Retention
Customer Retention
Responsibilities extend beyond business
Self Improvement
Self Improvement

Industries We Work for

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Oil and Gas
    oil & gas
  • Energy and Utilities
    Energy & Utilities

Our Happy Clients

Our Clients